Squirt Project

  The Glen-L Squirt Project

Getting Started / 14 September 2006
Plans has arrived. Started cutting the 1 to 1 copy of the plans to be used as a template on the plywood.

Cutting the Frames / 10-12 October 2006
Applying the templetes on the plywood and cutting operation.

Laminating and angling the transom / 13 October 2006
Giving the 12 degrees angle to the transom. I also extended the size  10% as Glen Adviced.I also have to thank all people who has answered my questions about extending and etc. on Boatbuilders forum.

Mounting the breasthook / 15 October 2006
My son Ata and I, fairing and mounting the breasthook today.

Aligning the frames / 17-19 October 2006
It really took time to align the frames. I used a laser pointer.

Fairing & Planking / 30 October – 08 November 2006
So did nothing on boat since  October 19 but bought the epoxy stuff and clothes from www.teknomarin.com.tr At 8th of Nov. most of the hard work is done including microfibering. As a question came from the forum abrasives that I am using are all made by Karbosan  www.karbosan.com.tr  you can check their products which are interminable and they deserve the money that you pay.

Coating & sanding / 09-21 November 2006
I used size 2 fiberglass cloth and Teknomarin epoxy resin to cover the boat. Before full clothing used 10 cm cloth tapes to reinforce the edges and joints.

Decking, painting inside & sanding / 22 November – 10 December 2006
I hate sanding.

Sanding & precoating / 10 December 2006 – 27 April 2007
Couldn’t have much time spending on boat novadays. It’s going pretty slow.

Painting / 28 April – 11 May 2007
I wish it would look like something after the paint job..

Bringing the boat to marina / 25 – 31 Aug 2007
From office to marina with truck. Now it’s next to my sailboat Maşallah.

Finally at the sea / 01 September 2007
Tested with long shaft 15 HP Johnson. She runs 22 knts an hour.

Then, Batu got the boat from me and coated her with mahagony & chrome accessories.

Total time on project so far was: 292 Man Hours

Link to my Squirt project on Glen-L web site


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